Your first choice Canterbury student lettings agency

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, 600+ tenants and in 2017 we will celebrate 30 years renting student accommodation in Canterbury.

More than a student lettings agency, Leydon Lettings provides a first in quality luxury accommodation.

In addition our students with limited budgets enjoy affordable accommodation in Canterbury – carefully provided with the upmost integrity!

Professionals are similarly catered for, over a wider area not necessarily close to universities.

Our service is provided in order to improve the quality of life for all students and professionals in their rented accommodation.

We unashamedly boast an impressive list of unique, state-of-the-art property facilities as well as advanced, over-compliance of safety standards thereby leading the way to protect our tenant’s safety and our landlord’s liberty.

For almost 30 years Leydon Lettings has strived to provide a first in student accommodation – the results are for you, our customers, to enjoy!

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Property Features

  • Broadband/Fibre*
  • Telephone Line*
  • Bills-package*
  • 24/7 Maintenance*
  • Free Gardening
  • Double Beds*
  • Double Kitchens*
  • Dishwashers*
  • Washer/Dryers*
  • Outside Storage*
  • Car Parking*
*Where available