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Rubbish I can’t see it!

During the summer when our student tenants were absent I noticed various items ensconced behind hedgerows. Taking it upon myself to spend the day clearing the entire estate I eventually unearthed 14 trolleys, a dozen highway signs  and some discarded barbeques etc.  I placed all this ready for the trolley hotline service to recover the…
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“The Magic Porridge Pot”

“The Magic Porridge Pot” Reasons to believe in Murphy’s Law. .. It was our intention to progressively upgrade all our houses to include as many dishwashers as possible. This was received with delight although we had not envisaged the high ongoing cost to maintain and deal with leak damage when they went wrong. To minimise…
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Mortgage Gambling Fuse Lit In 2008 – Will It Explode In 2018? No Slow Fuse, It’s A Mortgage Express!

I start with the Last consideration on most investor’s list – the ability to extend or swap a mortgage or mortgage-product with the same lender. Boring!? Not if you are one of the victims described below! Our auto-focus zooms-in on any number of apparently more important considerations when considering a mortgage for Buy to Let…
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The Writing Is On The Wall

When carrying out any renovation work, it is wise, and often obligatory, to inform the necessary authorities. A building control inspector attended a house being renovated. An inspector called – sounds like the title to a play, to check the work to date.  A new, non-load-bearing wall, of little consequence, had just been constructed.