Can I reserve a house without seeing it?

We rarely agree to this just in case you decide you do not want to move in when you arrive. This could result in us having an empty house.

How do I reserve a house?

Phone Leydon Letting Agents on 01227 713913 to see if the house you want is still available.

Provided we are able to reserve the house, each person must pay an administration fee of £180.00 or £250.00 (to include an end of tenancy clean) and complete our application form.

You will also need to email with the full names, home and university email addresses and mobile numbers of everyone in the group. We will then email you with all the details and documents you need.


Can I book my house for another year?

Before reserving your house for a further year, check it is still available (phone or email Leydon Lettings to ensure it has not been reserved since advertising).
Reserve your house for a further year and each person pays a reduced admin fee of £175.00.
Leydon Lettings will email all with the documents to be completed.


Does everyone in my group have to come to the viewing?

Ideally, yes. During the busy viewing season there is often not time to do a second viewing for the same group. You also risk losing a house you love to another full group if you are not all ready to make a decision.

How do I arrange to view student houses?

Each property has the option to request details or arrange a viewing. You will be asked to complete a short form with your name, contact details and a space to write your preferred viewing time or any other details. We will call or email you back to arrange a time and will not contact you for any other purposes, such as marketing, unless you give us permission to do so.

Alternatively, telephone our office on 01227 713 913  and we will try to book you in for a viewing at a time that suits you. From October to February we have a lot of viewings so you may need to try and be a little flexible.

You can also email us at

Tenancy Agreement

Are my friends/family allowed to stay?

Your tenancy agreement allows for guests to stay for a maximum of 3 consecutive nights. If you would like guests to remain for longer, this will need to be agreed with your housemates and your landlord.

Are we liable for Council Tax?

Full time students do not have to pay council tax, but Canterbury City Council must be provided with student ID numbers before the exemption is applied. Leydon Lettings Agency endeavour to provide these to the council on your behalf, but cannot be held liable for not doing so.

Can I stay in the property for a weekend or two over the summer months?

Provided you have given one months’ notice of your intention to do so, you may reside for any period during the summer. However, if your property had a discounted rent, you may lose all or part of the discount. Please be aware that if you do not provide the required notice, you may not be able to reside.

Can I store my belongings in the property over the summer?

Your tenancy agreement prohibits you from storing possessions in the property until your actual move in date because of the increased risk of theft.

Can we contact the landlord directly?

If your house if managed by Leydon Lettings Agency, then all correspondence should be addressed to Leydon Lettings Agency.

If your landlord is using a let and rent service, you should liaise directly with your landlord regarding all queries to do with moving in and the property itself, but any queries relating to rent or payments should be addressed to Leydon Lettings Agency.

If your landlord is using a let only service, then you should liaise directly with your landlord regarding any maintenance or repair or any other matter. Rent for the first period should be paid to Leydon Lettings Agency, but thereafter it should be paid directly to your landlord, as directed by your landlord.

If you are unsure which service your landlord is using, please check with Leydon Lettings Agency.

Can we have a 2nd viewing?

Leydon Lettings Agency is more than happy to arrange a second viewing, with the agreement of the current tenants. Please find a date and time you are all able to attend and we will try to set this up for you.

Do we have a gardener?

Whether or not a lawn mowing or gardening service is provided varies from property to property so please check your tenancy agreement for details. This can be found on the final page(s) of your tenancy agreement.

Does my deposit get returned? If so, when?

Any deposit you pay is returnable after the end of the tenancy and within 10 days of you and your landlord agreeing any deductions.

What happens if I lose my key?

If you lose your keys and your house is managed by Leydon Lettings Agency, please contact Leydon Lettings Agency for a replacement. Replacement keys are charged at £25.00 per key. Please be aware that a lost key is not considered an emergency and any call to the out of hours’ emergency number may be charged at a premium.

If your landlord is using a let only or let and rent service, please contact your landlord directly for a replacement key.

What is included in the bills package?

Whether or not your property has a bills package and what is included varies from property to property so please check your tenancy agreement for details. You can find this on the final page(s) of your tenancy agreement.

What is included in the property (white goods etc.)?

White goods (fridge, freezer, washing machine) are provided in all student properties and are fully furnished. Not all properties come with dishwashers, dryers or televisions and furniture may vary so please check with Leydon Lettings Agency if there is anything you specifically require. If the inclusion of any item is conditional upon your acceptance of the tenancy, please ensure this is stated in your application form and appears on the final page(s) of your tenancy agreement.

What is tenant contents insurance and do we have to get this?

Tenant contents insurance covers your possessions in the event of loss or damage as well as any accidental damage caused to the landlord’s belongings. You are not obliged to take out insurance, but Leydon Lettings Agency strongly recommend that you do. Different policies will cover different items, so please ensure you speak with an insurance provider to ascertain that your package meets your requirements.

What is the administration fee for?

The administration fee covers the cost of credit checking and referencing of you and your guarantor, the application process, drawing up tenancy and guarantor agreements, liaising with you and your landlord as to any specific requirements, answering questions from you and your guarantor, reservation and tenancy signing appointments, emailing standing order instruction letters and invoices. This list is not exhaustive.

If you paid a higher administration fee of £250.00, then an end of tenancy clean is also included in the administration fee. If you are unsure whether your administration fee includes an end of tenancy clean, please check the final page(s) of your tenancy agreement for clarification.

When can I move in?

You can move in from the first day of your tenancy. Your tenancy agreement requires you to give one month’s written notice of your intended move in date. If you want to move in on the first day of your tenancy or during the first two months in particular, please ensure you provide the required notice.

If there is a discount on your property, any discount will be lost if you move in during the first two months of the tenancy, for particulars please see the final page(s) of your tenancy agreement.

When do I collect my keys?

Keys may be collected on your move in date, which should be provided to Leydon Lettings Agency one month in advance, from the Castle Street office.

When do I pay the deposit?

The deposit is usually payable either before or when you sign the tenancy agreement. If, for any reason, you are unable to do so, please discuss this with a member of staff.

Who do we contact for maintenance issues?

If your house is managed by Leydon Lettings Agency, you should contact the agency directly during office hours. At the property you will find a list of out of hours’ emergency numbers which may be used in out of office hour emergencies only.

If your landlord is using a let only or let and rent service, you should contact your landlord directly using the contact number provided by your landlord.

Why are we paying half rent during the summer when we cannot store possessions?

Possessions stored in a vacant property can encourage theft. If you have contents insurance this may be invalidated if the property is vacant for an extended period of time. To protect your possessions and the property itself, you are not permitted to store possessions.

The discounted period of rent is known as a “retainer” which means that the house is saved for you even though you are not living in the house or paying the full rent. If you decide that you would like to move in during the discounted period, you are free to do so provided that you pay the full rent and inform Leydon Lettings of your intention to reside one month before your move in date.