Get Me Out Of Here; I Have A Tenancy!

Get Me Out Of Here; I Have A Tenancy! Reasons for letting agents to Lock-in and Luck-Out.

It was a Friday evening and  lock up time in Canterbury for our student lettings agency, after a hard week.  The telephone rang and a student tenant advised that she was locked inside her bedroom.  “Get me out of here; I have a tenancy!”

Actually the words she used were more akin to “can you get me out here; I am your tenant”.   Doesn’t quite have the same ring as our title.   Anyway, racing to the rescue, I arrived at the student’s house to find the student’s bedroom door open and unlocked with the tenant inside reading a book.  But a moment ago she was trapped inside?  Had I gone to the wrong student house?  The temperamental lock had finally opened, prior to my arrival.

Get me out of here; I have a tenancy.… Tales of the unexpected: An Inside Job

“Can you explain the problem with your door”, I asked.  The tenant invited me in whilst she stood by the door and ordered, “Wait inside (the room).”  She quickly closed the door as I sensed imminent disaster.   With me, the letting agent, trapped on the inside and she, the tenant, on the other side,  I could not get my breath to shout, NO!  I knew in advance what was about to happen, but I was breathless to prevent it as she closed the door.  “The door is stuck closed”, she then announced!  Why was I not surprised?

Feeling like I had just been hoodwinked, and that this was the mischievous tenant’s payback to enable me to share her experience of being trapped, I then had to try and escape!”  I had come prepared with my toolbox, inside which I keep a ‘roller scrapper.’ But I have yet to use it for scraping paint from a roller.  Instead, because of it’s unique hook-like profile, it is thus also very useful for opening doors from inside a room.  How?  Slide the roller scraper in the gap between the door-lock and the door frame catch, then locate the u-shape of the scraper behind the latch and pull, then voila – open sesame. This enabled my release.  Also in my toolbox was a spare lock, which I then swapped with the defective lock.  Instead of saying, Get me out of here; I have a tenancy, I found myself saying “I have my tool box; I’ll get me out of here”.

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Formerly a student living in a rented room my vision focused on excellence. Letting phenomenal student houses soon became more than a day job - more a way of life.

Continuing to look after our tenants I subsequently also founded what is widely recognised as a phenomenal student lettings agency.