Fit4Less Canterbury - Leydon Exclusive Student Discount

Fit4Less Canterbury

Fit4Less Canterbury is a well-equipped gym and the perfect place to achieve your fitness goals!

Whatever your goals, Fit4Less have the facilities, equipment and staff for you!  In addition, you get this without the fancy extras, high membership prices, or lengthy contracts!  Resulting in a fun and motivating experience all round!

Leydon Lettings and Fit4Less Canterbury have been in partnership since 20xx.

In this time, we have supported each other in our respective goals, some of which you can witness today.  We have pushed each other in our collective goals, so as to bring Canterbury students the most exclusive discounts and offers!

The relationship we have with Fit4Less and them with us, is one we are pleased to share in.

We look forward to what the future holds for us and the Canterbury students who share in our ventures!

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