Student Republic Events - Bed with Leydon Lettings

Student Republic Events

Student Republic Events is the biggest student events company in Canterbury for UKC, CCCU and UCA students.

Student Republic Events run the biggest freshers week and student events in the city.  In addition to this, they also run the city’s popular May bank holiday City Sound Project festival.  All this, combined with trips to Amsterdam makes for some of the most memorable uni nights of your life!

Leydon Lettings and Student Republic Events have been partners now since 20xx.

In this time, we have pushed a lot of innovative ideas at each other, many of which you can witness today.  We continue to push each other in our collective goals and support each other in our respective goals too.

The relationship we have with Student Republic Events and them with us, is one we are delighted to share in.

We look forward to what the future holds for us both and the Canterbury students who share in our endeavours!

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