Abandonment of Goods or Possessions

  • Goods left by departing tenants remain the property of the tenants.
  • Old TVs and apparently worthless items might look like rubbish – and probably are – but they belong to the tenants.
  • Landlords cannot interfere with a tenant’s goods or possessions. (Torts) Interference with goods Act 1977.
  • The tenants must be advised that their possessions remain and are given an opportunity to collect or recover their belongings.
  • A reasonable period of notice must be allowed prior to discarding another’s possessions.
  • Reasonable costs for storage may be charged and tenants should be advised of this too.
  • This is the sort of foresight which is ideally provided within the tenancy agreement prior to establishing a tenancy.
  • See Possessions and Abandonment of Tenancy

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