Assured Tenancy

  • The default tenancy  from 15.02.1989 to 28.2.1997.
  • This is important to landlords considering buying a house with tenants predicating certain legislation.
  • Letting Agents must also be careful when accepting properties with assured tenants.
  • Protected Tenancies – Tenancies created prior to 15.1.1989 are protected tenancies, also known as regulated tenancies or sitting tenant tenancies.
  • Get it wrong and the result may be a sitting tenant with  potential  succession rights!
    • What does this mean?
    • Well… not only are landlords prohibited from evicting the compliant tenant but
    • Following death the tenant’s off-spring may be permitted to continue in residence.
    • Great, say some naive landlords, there will never be another void!
    • True, but the rent is regulated so the resulting rent is almost worthless in the loan to rent ratio.

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