• Dane-geld is a medieval tax paid to the Danes to stop them invading England.
  • Can be used to describe a form of property related extortion, esp. regarding access to property.
  • Protected tenants have agreed to accept compensation to permit possession.  Some see this as an unfair levy.
  • Tenants who know their Housing rights and the difficulty of landlords enforcing breaches, may take advantage, resulting in landlords paying for what they are already entitled to.  E.g. tenants who demand to be released from their outstanding arrears of rent in order to agree to an earlier landlord application for a possession order.  Is this merely another form payment made under duress similar to that paid to the Danes via the Dane-geld.  The landlord in a lose-lose situation, would ultimately win the case but lose the interim rent over a protracted eviction and, from a tenant man of straw might never receive any arrears via an unenforceable CCJ.

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