Our fridge and/or freezer isn’t working

If the fridge or freezer fails, avoid opening the door more than necessary. Keeping the door(s) closed will retain the cold air inside for longer.

Most of Leydon Lettings houses have two fridges and freezers.  Transfer food from the defective to the working fridge/ freezer for now.

Do not refreeze food after it has thawed out, food poisoning could result! You can however, cook thawed food and then refreeze after cooking and cooling carefully.

If you do not have a spare unit then if you have a cool-bag or ice-packs use these as instructed by manufacturer.  It is worth buying a cool-bag for such emergencies as you can also use it to transport food at the start and end of student academic years and student holidays.

What do I do?
Call Leydon Lettings on 01227 713913 – we will probably order you a new unit.

If you have our insurance policy you should check with your insurer to reclaim the loss of any food.


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