• This is a massive part of any managed property.
  • Students are mostly resident each year from September to June.
  • During this time students will have a range of repairs to contend with.  These must be done with minimal disruption to tenants.
  • However, students cannot have their education disrupted by any major renovation.
  • During the summer months an army of invisible trades people and cleaners battle to do as much maintenance as the vacation time permits.
  • some projects are so time consuming it takes three summers to complete during summer vacations.  The tenants arrive each September blissfully unaware of the noise and dust created in their absence during each phase of the work.  Bliss.
  • Note should a landlord wish to renovate or repair a property with a tenant in residence he must obtain the tenants permission.
    • Should the tenant refuse the landlord can apply for a court order to evict the tenant if to do so is reasonable and particularly if the landlord provides alternative accommodation and this too is refused.
  • Prior to attending to repairs, a minimum of 24 hours notice should be provided – this said the tenant is able to agree to a lesser time if he so wishes.
    • An emergency repair is unlikely to be resisted pending 24 hours notice if to do so would result in the house flooding following a burst pipe.
    • Some common sense and cooperation is required.
  • See also Agent of necessity , repairsmaintenance.

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