Rent Guarantee

  • An insurance backed scheme for which the landlrod and or letting agent pays a regular premium.
  • Initiated by completing a form of insurance requiring pre-payment of a premium to enable certainty of rent.
  • In the event of tenant default the insurance company will pay the landlord the rent subject to conditions, e.g. landlord deposits must be utilised prior to any payout etc.
  • There are strict conditions which if not observed may vitiate the terms witht he insurer refusing to pay the rent.
  • When arrears begin to escalate landlords and lwtting agents cannot simply sit back imagining the insurer will bear the brunt.
  • There are procedures which must be followed.
  • Guarantors and deposits may be required.
  • Particularly useful for those landlords absolutely dependant on rental income – if willing to sacrifice a premiem to insure it.

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Formerly a student living in a rented room my vision focused on excellence. Letting phenomenal student houses soon became more than a day job - more a way of life.

Continuing to look after our tenants I subsequently also founded what is widely recognised as a phenomenal student lettings agency.