Smoke Detector

  • Smoke detectors are sensible and cheap wake up alarms in the event of a fire.
  • Even where not legally required these ought to be installed on moral grounds.
  • Situations where they are required include Large HMOsMandatory Licensed properties – in every room – excluding non habitable rooms like toilets and cupboards.
  • Small HMOs require smoke alarms too but under different rules The management of HMO regulations effective 6/6/2006.
  • Where required they must be interlinked with battery back up.
  • Smoke Alarms must be tested regularly to ensure they work.
  • Heat detectors can be used where smoke detectors are likely to cause nuisance resulting in sabotage.
  • Some batteries boast a 10 year lifespan (lithium batteries) and are thus trouble free for extended periods and so are most likely to work when required.

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