Student finance

The Student Loans company will normally provide a loan to students to fund:
Tuition Fees – Loan up to £9000 per year for 3 years
Maintenance Loan say £3610 per year
Additional funds may be available to students from poor or disadvantaged families.
Bursaries or Scholerships may also be available from universities.  Such funds are not loans but gifts!  Ask!
Hardship funds can also be claimed by the poorest students.
Threshold family incomes below say £25,000 is coinsidered low and may entitle bursaries of say £1000 as well as assistance with housing and tuition fees.
Children were in care prior to age 16 may also now be entitled to subsequent assistance at uni –  a single payment of £2000 paid by the local authority.
Student Unions provide details of such bodies in any area.
The above relates to England – not e.g. Scotaland or Wales .
Grants to UK students studying abroad as part of a course or a work placement may be available see Erasmus Students via the EU paid by home unis.  EU countries are banded and each band determines the grant payable up to say 500 Euros plus tuition fee waivers.  See  tuition fees across Europe.

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