Terms & Conditions – Tenancy Terms & Conditions

  • Website terms are likely to act as a guide summarising the main terms.
  • The terms of the tenancy agreement signed by all parties are binding on all.
  • Spoken statements (parol evidence) are unlikely to be binding particularly when a written contract (tenancy agreement) is provided.
  • (Do not confuse terms and conditions with academic termsor a tenancy duration i.e. a tenancy term.
  • An EU Directive in 1999 was introduced to protect consumers against one-sided tenancy agreements using unfair standard terms.
  • A tenancy agreement must be written in plain clear language and easily understood.
  • A contract term if held unfair is not binding.  E.g. if it a term puts either party to the agreement at a disadvantage.
  • If the absence of an unfair term renders an entire agreement meaningless the whole contract becomes void.

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