The Three…

  • It is surprising and amusing how often rules come ‘in threes’ and often using alliteration as a poetic pneumonia, by repeating the same first letter:
  • The 3As: Arbitration, adjudication or assassination.  These are the core elements to avoid going to court where there are no winners due to the cost of justice.
  • The 3Cs of viewings: Clean, Clear Condition (tip-top). Magnolia may be  boring but viewers are excited by clean and bland without obvious defects / damages!
  • The 3Cs2:  Candles cooking and cigarettes – account for significant numbers of residential fires.
  • The 3Ds: Debt divorce and death, attributed to property.
  • The 3Es: Education education education – Tony Blair via 3Ls.
  • The 3Es2: Extension Extension Extension – this is a double play on words similar to the 3Ls but the important one is fire safety — never chain link extension leads!
  • The 3 Fs: fire, ‘theft’ and flood.  The greatest property perils.
  • The 3 Fs2: Find, fund and furnish.
  • The 3Ls: location location location.
  • The 3Ns: Never Neglect Neighbours – they are first to inform landlords of the 3 Fs: fire, ‘theft’ and flood.
  • The 3Ns2: 999 do not delay ringing in an emergency.  Try dialling in the dark – you may have to one day!
  • The three Hs: Help Help Help!  Shout loudly for assistance if trapped or in danger due to any emergency.
  • The three Ps: Price Price Price
  • The Three Ps2:  Property, price and parties.  These sum up the primary core elements of any agreement to buy or let real estate.
  • The 3Ps3 of selling / letting property:  Price, Promotion and Presentation.
  • The 3Ps4 motivating investors:  Purpose, Place and Price.  The latter two are obvious; the purpose is the reason to buy property.
  • The 3 Ts1 Talk To Tenants or:
  • 3Ts2 Talk Talk Talk!  Communication is vital to a good tenancy!
  • See also the four unities and the effect of the absence of these.

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Formerly a student living in a rented room my vision focused on excellence. Letting phenomenal student houses soon became more than a day job - more a way of life.

Continuing to look after our tenants I subsequently also founded what is widely recognised as a phenomenal student lettings agency.