October is the ideal month to start viewing

We like to provide our current tenants with first option to remain or relocate to one of our many other houses.

If you want to be certain of reserving your house for a further year, you need to inform Leydon Letting Agents by 31st October. If you wait longer than this, your house may be let to others.

Why are viewings so early?

We need your decision to remain, so we can allocate your house to you or new tenants. Student viewings begin by November and by January/February enquiries are minimal.   With a month’s absence during the Christmas break, there is no time to lose.

Unsure whether to re-book

If you are unsure as to whether you want to re-book, we will try to direct prospective tenants elsewhere.

However, if there are few other houses like yours available, we will be obliged to show your house to others.

Re-booking fee

In order to reserve your house, each tenant will need to pay a non-refundable re-booking fee. Please see our tenant fees page for details.

This re-booking fee is not refundable if you change your mind, so please make sure all of you are certain of your decision to re-book.

Signing the contract

Contracts and guarantor agreements for the following year should be signed within five days of re-booking your house.

Change in group size – new house

If any member of your group wishes to leave, or you want an extra person to join your group, you may want to move to one of our other houses with more or less rooms, subject to availability.

Student houses with 1-7 bedrooms are available to view.

Change in group size – same house

If some of you want to stay in your house, but others want to leave, those staying will need to find friends to join them quickly.

We will try to hold your house for you while you find new housemates, but we may be obliged to let to other groups, particularly if there is a delay.

In the event a new housemate joins an existing group it is the responsibility of the existing group, including any departing tenants, to ensure the house is sufficiently clean prior to the arrival of any new housemate.

Tenants joining an existing group should appreciate that they are joining an existing group, within a house kept in the condition by that group.

Leaving possessions over the summer

If you are re-booking you may leave your possessions in the house over the summer, but at your own risk.

Please bear in mind that most insurers do not insure goods left in a vacant property for an extended period of time.