To the letter…

Reasons to be up a gum tree…
7pm, Saturday evening, at home, feet up, watching TV, the phone rings. A group of student girls. “An important letter (possibly exam results?) has just blown out the window and landed in their garden tree – can you help get it down?”

Found at the scene of the emergency the veritable Christmas tree had been decorated …with some 30 magazines, scattered throughout the branches, it looked like recycling in reverse!

“We thought we could dislodge the letter by chucking things into the tree from an upstairs window”,  they reasoned.

Monkeying up the tree, our near-pensioner-aged maintenance man, rescued the precious letter, whilst not forgetting the magazines.

… Tales of the unexpected:
Upon descent of the tree loud congratulations aroused a boyfriend who emerged from inside the house.

Why had this young fit lad had not ‘risen’ to the challenge? “Too dangerous for me, mate.”

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Formerly a student living in a rented room my vision focused on excellence. Letting phenomenal student houses soon became more than a day job - more a way of life.

Continuing to look after our tenants I subsequently also founded what is widely recognised as a phenomenal student lettings agency.