Why Our World Would End If Easter Fun for Adults Disappeared

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Why Our World Would End If Easter Fun for Adults Disappeared.

OK, so that headline is a joke! But it caught your attention, didn’t it?

With Easter only a week away now, you may think all the fun is only for children. But it’s not. As adults, we’re all entitled to have a bit of fun too, and why should Easter be any different?

If you’re struggling to find fun ideas this year, here are a few suggestions: –

1.   Hold an Easter party – with a twist for the adults!

Have a delicious alcoholic drink which is in line with your party. Try this raspberry beer cocktail.

2.   Have an Easter Egg hunt – with alcoholic drinks.

Every time someone finds an egg, they have to have a drink.

3.   Lent has ended, so eat chocolate!
4.   Egg a Friend.

This is a great game involving hiding a miniature, extra-light sponge egg in a friend’s hair or clothes. Just hand the sponge egg to the first “egger” who must surreptitiously attach said egg to a fellow guest’s clothes, hand bag, hair etc. The first “egger” then has to start counting down in a loud voice. All the guests check themselves for the egg and if the egg is found and detached before the end of the countdown, the first “egger” has to go again and try harder. If the count reaches zero and the guest isn’t able to find the egg, they become the “egger”.

5.   Egg Toss.

Divide your players in three or more teams and make each player from each team stand two feet apart. Give a RAW egg to one player from each team. On the blow of the whistle, each team has to throw the egg from one player to the other. A team gets eliminated if the egg hits the ground or if it breaks. The game continues till only one team is left.

6.   Have a cryptic Easter Egg hunt.

Make up riddles and puzzles for your hunters to figure out. Hide clues all over the house/garden and see who solves the clues first. The winner gets a giant chocolate Easter egg.

I hope these give you some inspiration for your Easter fun. Have a great time.

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